• Jnantik Superfood - Organic Coffee Substitute or Adaptive - Acid Free, Caffeine-Free, Gluten Free - Coffee Alternative (8 Oz) - Dark Roast, Maya Nut, Capomo, Mojo, Ramon, Ojoche


The NEW Ancient Maya Superfood that provides nutrient-based energy your body craves. Enjoy our ground Maya Seed as a coffee alternative or add it to any recipe for a powerful nutrient boost.​​

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“When I tried Jnantik, I knew giving up coffee was possible. Although it doesn’t taste exactly the same, it’s close enough that you get that morning cup of “coffee” in with a boost of steady energy that won’t leave you feeling anxious. It’s smooth to the palette and tastes delicious with or without creamer. And I love knowing that it has nutrients good for me while breastfeeding. What a great way to start your day!”

- Perla Farias (blogger and mother @xicana_mama)

"Jnantik is a magical drink that I have cherished since I first starting drinking it. I love that I can share it with my son and know that it nourishes us both." ​

- Shadae Bowen (womb wellness practitioner, mother and adundance coach for WOC healers @wild_honeychild)

"Jnantik gives me the clarity and the energy to start my morning and comfort and relaxation at night. Jnantik fan forever ♾"

- Jamila Ricard (Vegan health enthusiast, mother, and youtube personality @jamilas_fridge)

Absolutely delish! I’m an Italian espresso/coffee snob and only drink both strongly. I was skeptical about this but it far surpassed all expectations. I just purchased the 2lb bag too because I finished the 8oz bag so quickly. I look forward to it daily and I am honoring my body with keeping it alkaline. I’m extremely pleased!

- Natalia

“This is the best coffee alternative I have tried! I feel like it gives my body the nutrients it is missing because I always crave it!”

- Leslie

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