Jnantik Ancient Mayan Mother's Tea

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Enjoy the power of the Maya Seed! The Maya Seed provides nutrient-based energy your body craves, prenatal AND postpartum. This is a great coffee alternative for those who are looking to cut back on caffeine during pregnancy or while nursing, while simultaneously filling your body with many of the nutrients we lose while growing and feeding our baby. The taste is rich and delicious, similar to coffee and cacao, and when mixed with your favorite milk and sweetener, creates a luxurious experience for any tired mama. 

The Maya Seed is:

  • wild-harvested as done for centuries by the Maya people.
  • rich in a wide range of nutrients and minerals we often lack in our modern diets, such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, b vitamins, antioxidants, and more!
  • known for centuries as a natural galactogogue, aiding in lactation!
  • high in tryptophan, which helps release serotonin and help you feel calm and balanced.
  • a good source of prebiotic fiber, supporting gut health.
  • a delicious treat, day and night and can be enjoyed as a hot or cold beverage, or added to smoothies and baked goods for added nutrition and taste. 

We work closely with the indigenous communities that wild harvest the seed in Jalisco, Mexico. 3% of all sales go towards the protection of the Maya Seed Tree and the communities that protect them. 

The Maya Seed is a great supplement for all mothers...
Do you need an extra energy boost during the stage of motherhood that you are in? This could be the answer for you
It is a galactogogue, meaning it aids milk production
Try drinking it two to three times a day and see how it works for you. If you already produce too much milk and leak, this product may not be for you at this time. 

The Maya Nut is harvested from the Maya Tree that grows in Mexico and South and Central America. This particular blend was ecologically wild harvested by women from an indigenous Mayan community in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico and roasted and ground with love. The Ancient Maya survived on this super food in times of famine. It can be used in anything from tortillas, bread, drinks, smoothies to ice cream! Brew, sip, enjoy and reap the benefits of this magnificent Maya Superfood!