Jnantik Maya Seed Coffee Alternative 2lb bag
Jnantik Maya Seed Coffee Alternative 2lb bag

Jnantik Maya Seed Coffee Alternative 2lb bag

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Enjoy the power of the Maya Seed! If you love drinking Jnantik on the daily, enjoy this 2lb bag, which makes up to 100 cups, or more, if you add milk, etc! The Maya Seed provides nutrient-based energy your body craves. This is a great coffee alternative for those who are looking to cut back on caffeine, or enjoy a coffee-like beverage in the afternoon. You can also mix with coffee in your French Press for a more PH balanced drink!

The Maya Seed is:

  • wild-harvested as done for centuries by the Maya people.
  • rich in a wide range of nutrients and minerals we often lack in our modern diets, such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, b vitamins, antioxidants, and more!
  • high in tryptophan, which helps release serotonin and help you feel calm and balanced.
  • a good source of prebiotic fiber, supporting gut health.
  • a delicious treat, day and night and can be enjoyed as a hot or cold beverage, or added to smoothies and baked goods for added nutrition and taste. 

We work closely with the indigenous communities that wild harvest the seed in Jalisco, Mexico. 3% of all sales go towards the protection of the Maya Seed Tree and the communities that protect them. 


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