The Benefits of Maya Seed Mother’s Tea for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers, and Beyond!

Did you know that Maya Seed is incredibly beneficial during pregnancy and helps a mother with breast milk supply and stress relief once baby arrives?

Jnantik means "mother," since it was started by a mother who wanted to help other mother's feel the way she felt when she tried Maya Seed for the first time. That mother is me:) When I had my first baby, I was set on breastfeeding him, yet I had trouble even getting through the first couple of months. It was rough for me, and it stressed me out. We went to visit my husband's family in Mexico a couple of  months after he was born so that everyone could meet the baby. When we went to visit my husband's great grandmother, who had birthed 15 babies into this world, she could tell that my baby was fussy and struggling to nurse and that I was frazzled and exhausted. She recommended I try drinking the Maya Seed Tea. My mother-in-law fixed me a cup, and as I drank it, I immediately felt grounded. It is high in tryptophan, which supports the release of serotonin and helps us to relax! I also noticed soon after drinking the tea that my breasts had that "full" feeling, and just like that, I had much more milk available for my son than I could have imagined. I drank a couple of cups each day, and breastfeeding was no longer such a struggle. I was able to breastfeed long-term as I had hoped, and get all of the nutrients and antibodies my baby needed, plus the sweet moments together. 

As a mother and holistic health coach, it is important to me that other mothers feel supported emotionally, physically and spiritually during the journey into motherhood. We go through so much, and I wanted other moms who want to breastfeed, but struggle to produce, to have the option to drink this Maya Seed Tea that worked so well for myself and many other moms I know, and have sold to. Also, regardless if breastfeeding is for you or not, the fact that this coffee like beverage can bring back many of the nutrients and minerals we lose during pregnancy and postpartum, and also help relieve stress is a win-win for all moms!


Happy Mother's Day to you, although I believe we deserve to be celebrated daily! If you, or someone else you know, could use this wonderful tea, please take advantage of our Mother's Day Sale to gift it to yourself, or a loved one!




Founder of Jnantik Superfood

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