Earth Day- How the Maya Seed Tree Mitigates Climate Change!

Hello everyone! Happy Happy Earth Day! 

We love to celebrate the Earth each and every day, and want to let you know that we are always working on ways to be a more sustainable company. We started working with the superfood seed that comes from the tall Maya Seed Trees 7 years ago, and we are blessed to work with a community that wild harvests the seed, protects new trees, and promotes reforestation of the tree in the forest surrounding them. When the community is able to make money with resources from their surrounding forest, they are able to increase their incomes in a way that doesn’t threaten their forests. Win-win!

This tree is so tall that it provides shade for shorter trees in the forest and home and nourishment to vital plant, fungi and animal life around it. The Maya Seed Tree is an oxalogenic tree that absorbs carbon from the air and sequesters it as calcium carbonate (limestone), through a process of bacterial and fungal symbiosis. This property is particularly important as a mitigation strategy against climate change! There is so much that is amazing about this tree and it’s nutrient rich seeds. We look forward to having the ability to work more in depth with these communities and their surrounding forests year after year. That is the beauty of growing along with a sustainable company! Each purchase you make with us truly makes a difference in more ways than one.

Please take advantage of our current sale options, and we thank you for your support! Always feel free to reach out with comments or questions to


Have a Blessed Earth Day!

Now get out there and hug a tree!

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