5 Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine's Day!


We all could use some extra love these days. It has been quite a year for all of us, and as we have been quarantined, if we do not learn to truly practice self- love, it can be tough to find elsewhere. What are some of my favorite ways to practice self love? Here, I will share my 5 favorite self-love practices that you can practice this weekend or anytime!


  1. Self massage: If you can make it somewhere to get a professional massage or have a trusted body worker come to your home, that is always a good thing! However, for when you can’t make that happen, work on self- massage techniques. On the daily, I massage my hands, arms, feet, face, shoulders and lower back, the best I can. Use your favorite body oil and enjoy relieving yourself of aches and pains. Your body will thank you!


  1. Take a luxurious bath: There is nothing I love more than drawing myself a nice bath. Get out the candles and music if you want, or keep it simple. I love to add epson salt and a few drops of my favorite essential oil and zone out for 20 minutes or so.


  1. Go outside and just be: It is easy to get caught up with life and work, or what’s happening on our cellphone, so I encourage myself and you to take a daily moment to be outside and just took at the sky, clouds, trees or whatever surrounds you. Even if it is cold and snowy, just enjoy the beauty of it all and breathe deep for a few moments. Even better if you can go for a little walk, but if you have already gotten your movement in for the day, lay on a blanket, or sit in a chair or hammock and “be.”


  1. Enjoy some delicious food and beverage: Who doesn’t love to sit and enjoy delicious food? Whether you take the time to make yourself a nice meal, or order take out, sit down and truly enjoy all of the flavors of each bite, give thanks to those who grew and harvested your food, those who prepared it, and truly savor it all. Each day, when I have my cup of Jnantik, I sit down and give thanks to the trees, the community we work with and all the hands that contributed to this grounding and nourishing cup of tea. There is nothing like a delicious hot beverage to bring you into the present moment.


  1. Move in a joyful way (play!): How often do we give ourselves time to play? Turn on your favorite music and dance, stretch your body in a way that feels good, go outside and explore a new place, become curious like a child when you see new plants or flowers or birds around you, maybe even get out the crafts and draw something that inspired you. You know what it is that brings you joy, make space for it!


Thank you for taking the time to read about my favorite ways to self-love. I hope this inspires something in you to enjoy extra love this week and beyond!

Lots of love your way this Valentine’s Day! And we want to show you extra love by offering a Valentine’s Day discount on all products through Sunday! Learn more at www.jnantik.com


With love,


Founder of Jnantik Superfood and lover of all things that contribute to “Wellness.”

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