Cool Off With This Remarkable Robust Jnantik Affogato

 Its summer-time and the heat is on! Often times we try to cool down with highly processed, sugary or caffeinated drinks which do not actually hydrate us. Jnantik is a delicious and nutritious coffee substitute that will give your body and taste buds what they are craving!

With the Jnantik Affogato, you can get your sweet coffee drink fix in, while nurturing and hydrating at the same time! We used a homemade coconut milk ice cream as the base, but you can buy plenty of dairy-free options like Coconut Bliss, or whichever Vanilla Ice Cream your body responds best to! You can pour over a hot or chilled cup of Jnantik and enjoy the goodness as it melts! The roasted and ground Maya Seed provides a nutrient-based energy your body craves. It is alkalizing, hydrating and filled with nutrients and minerals that many modern diets lack. Time to get around to making this tasty drink and enjoying your Summer Day (or night!)



  • 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream (we made ours in the ice cream maker with coconut milk, vanilla bean and maple syrup!)
  • 1 8oz cup of prepared Jnantik (2 teaspoons of Jnantik Maya Seed Coffee Alternative added to 8oz of hot water, or cold brewed)


Add ice cream to your favorite bowl or cup, pour the Jnantik on top and enjoy it as it forms into a delicious ice cream- based latte!


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